Do you need gardening, home repairs or maintenance? What about respite care, Yoga, gentle exercise, errands or other assistance? Think outside the box! You decide, we can help.


RUSS is a qualified gardener with many years experience. He has remodelled/redecorated several homes and can resolve most minor home repairs. He is friendly, resourceful and loves a challenge.


We have decided to pool the skills that we have acquired over the years, and start a small community business. We want to meet YOUR needs! No job is too small.


LAURA worked for 30 years as a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, primarily with elderly and disabled people. She has experience with people with dementia, and has also provided private and respite care. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor.


Find our Full contact Details on our Contact page. PHONE: Russ: 512 264 5055 Laura: 512 299 3184