chores-sink-fittingI am Russ, one half of the Chores and More business. I was born and bred in London, UK. However, a delightful Austin lady has wooed me to settle and work here in this great city.
Being a true Englishman, I consider my home my castle, and in the 35 years, or so, of owning various houses, I have always enjoyed the gardening and maintenance aspect. (Closing the drawbridge, repelling evildoers, and rescuing damsels in distress, as a true knight should).
Back to reality. I qualified with the Royal Horticultural Society in the UK, and have acquired the knowledge and practical skills transferable to the Texas climate.
I am having a great time learning about this new environment, and working with a whole new variety of plants.
Also, if you simply prefer regular mowing or garden maintenance, I am your man.
Having performed most of the maintenance and repair to houses I have owned, painting,decorating,plumbing etc. handyman work is a part of Chores and More which I also enjoy.
No job is too small.
I look forward to meeting you.